Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita

Grilled Tortilla Pizza | Get Inspired Everyday!

Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday!

Pizza… it’s a tradition. Crispy, with just a slick of tomato sauce and melty cheese! Aww yes, this is what weekends are made of!

Pizza’s a tradition in our house anyways, for years we had pizza every Saturday night after we came home from hiking in the mountains. Since we’ve changed our eating habits, pizza has been the hardest thing to let go of – I mean nothing quite replaces it! These days, you’ll find us eating a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad instead, but there’s still the urge to celebrate with our favorite pizza – Pizza Margherita!

Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday!

So… today pizza is getting a ‘quick and easy’ makeover (husband approved of course) – not only is it grilled but there’s no traditional yeast raised dough for the crust. We’ve tried a number of gluten free and paleo pizza crusts and I’m not going to lie to ya, some of them have been bad enough that I actually threw them away (and mourned the loss of good mozzarella). Every once in a while, I make an old-fashioned (bad for you but delicious) pizza, and we go all out. But… I’ve been looking for a way to get pizza back into my life more often, and this is it! It’s quick and easy, made on the grill (so no mess), and you can use whichever kind of tortilla fits your diet! I’ve personally tried this recipe using my Paleo Crepes, rice flour tortillas, and sprouted spelt tortillas – all of which turned out great!

Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday!Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday!

This is seriously the easiest recipe ever – almost not a recipe in fact!

Simply spread some marinara sauce over your choice of tortilla, top with your choice of cheese, (I love fresh mozzeralla) and grill it.

Tip: Use a cutting board to transfer your pizza to and from the grill. Carefully slide it on and off the grill – you don’t want to loose any of that precious cheese!

Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday!Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday!

The photo on the left is a tortilla pizza made with paleo crepes. These turned out fantastic – so much better than I thought, and the crepes can be kept in the freezer for impromptu pizzas! The pizza in the right hand photo is made on a sprouted spelt tortilla, and it’s a little more sturdy than the paleo version.

Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday! Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita | Get Inspired Everyday!

Is there anything more American than pizza? Well maybe apple pie, but I’m really not clear on what even constitutes American food since most of it’s derivative. I think that’s why I love ‘American’ food culture so much! There’s everything from pizza to Tex Mex and beyond – and I couldn’t enjoy it more! It’s not that I don’t love authenticity, but unfortunately I don’t have an Italian grandmother in my kitchen (more’s the pity, I’d love to learn their secrets).

So… here’s to the easiest pizza you’ve ever made in your life!

Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 1 rice tortilla (for gluten free) or sprouted spelt tortilla
  • or
  • 2 Paleo Crepes (for the paleo/primal version)
  • olive oil for brushing the tortillas
  • 3-4 Tablespoons Homemade Marinara
  • 2-3 ounces fresh mozzarella
  • sea salt
  • basil leaves cut into thin slivers (chiffonade)
  1. Preheat the grill over high heat. These tortilla pizzas can also be cooked in the oven at 425ºF.
  2. Lightly brush each side of the tortilla with olive oil and place it on a cutting board.
  3. Spread the marinara evenly over the tortilla, using more or less depending on the size of your tortilla.
  4. Break the mozzarella up into small pieces, and place them evenly across the top.
  5. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt if desired - you may not need to depending on the saltiness of your sauce and cheese, so taste each component and see if you need to add more.
  6. Carefully slide the tortilla (using a spatula to help) onto the grill and immediately lower the heat to medium.
  7. Cook until the cheese is melty - about 8-10 minutes.
  8. Sprinkle with your thinly sliced basil and devour!
This recipe is great for anything from a snack to pizza parties where everyone makes their own customized pizza!
If want to make the paleo/primal version, follow the recipe link to my strawberries and cream crepes where you'll find the paleo crepe recipe.

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12 Comments on “Grilled Tortilla Pizza Margherita”

  1. Theresa

    These look yummy! Have you tried them in the oven for when the weahter isn’t condusive to grilling?

    1. Kari

      I haven’t tried them in the oven yet but they should work just fine. I would try using lined cookie sheets, and baking them at around 425ºF so that the cheesy gets nice and bubbly!

  2. Yvonne Smith

    Wow – these look amazing! I never thought to make pizza on tortillas before although I’ve tried slices of bread and that definitely didn’t work.

    Going to try this one for sure – I know the kids will love it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Katie Cross

    This is a fab idea! We don’t do pizza much either because it makes me sick (although I do splurge every now and then) but lately we’ve been using a lot of masa flour for tortillas instead of flour tortillas. The corn doesn’t make us sick and the taste is wonderful.

    So now I’m going to go try this! Thanks for the awesome idea!

    1. Kari

      I love masa flour tortillas, especially when they’re hot, right out of the pan. Sometimes, I fry them in avocado oil for a serious treat – it’s like a gourmet frito and then we dip them in homemade guacamole – don’t even need dinner after that!

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