Oatmeal Cleansing Facial Scrub

Oatmeal Cleansing Facial Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

Oatmeal Cleansing Facial Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

I’ve been using this simple Oatmeal Cleansing Scrub for years, and I love the results! This very simple recipe comes from Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles. It’s a very gentle scrub that leaves your skin smooth and soft. It’s also very easy to make and you can store it for months, which makes a great natural treatment to take traveling because it’s dry and doesn’t need to be refrigerated like other fresh treatments. I always take this oatmeal scrub for everyday use and a container of baking soda for my weekly Baking Soda Exfoliation.

Oatmeal Cleansing Facial Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

You can use a blender or food processor to make this scrub, or you can buy oat flour for the most gentle cleansing scrub.

What to do:

Place 1 cup oatmeal in a mini food processor and pulse until fine with some small pieces of oats. This recipe makes enough for about 16 treatments.

How to use:

Take 1-2 Teaspoons for your face or 1 Tablespoon for your face and neck area. Mix the ground oatmeal with just enough water to form a paste. At this point, you can add an optional small drizzle (less than 1 Teaspoon) of honey for it’s extra moisturizing and antibacterial properties.

Using your fingers, gently massage the oatmeal mixture into your face and neck area using your ring finger lightly on the skin around the eye area. Rinse and moisturize for the day/night.

Oatmeal Cleansing Facial Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

This oatmeal cleanser is a great everyday option instead of soap. My face has been soap free for 5 years now and my skin just keeps getting healthier. If you’re going to be using this oatmeal cleanser more than twice a week, make sure the oats are ground really fine, or buy oat flour.

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Oatmeal Cleansing Facial Scrub
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 16 treatments
  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • or
  • 1 cup oat flour
  • optional honey
  1. If you're using the oatmeal, process in a blender or food processor until it's finely powdered with a few small pieces.
  2. To use, mix together 1 Tablespoon with just enough water to make a paste.
  3. I sometimes add a very small amount of honey, (less than a teaspoon) to the oatmeal paste for added benefits.
  4. Gently massage the oatmeal mixture into your face and neck area.
  5. Rinse and moisturize for the day/night.

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8 Comments on “Oatmeal Cleansing Facial Scrub”

  1. The first time I used this oatmeal scrub, it gave me wonderful hydrating results.
    But when I used it for the second time .i.e today,Tiny rashes have come out on my entire face. I just don’t understand what went wrong.

    1. This scrub is usually quite mild and great for most skin types, but there are a few things to consider for sure. I’d suggest seeking out advice from a skin care professional, you may have had some kind of mildly allergic reaction, or it could have been coincidence that you had both a rash and used the scrub on the same day. There are so many variables and each person is so different that I couldn’t tell you exactly what happened, but definitely seek out what’s best for your skin. Other very mild facial treatments that I love are my DIY Pineapple Facial which can be perfect for anyone who has problems with scrubs, (which can be irritating to very sensitive skin). Also the Oil Cleansing Method is both moisturizing and lightly exfoliating along with being very gentle on your skin. I hope this helps, and be sure to let me know if you have anymore questions! 🙂 (And just one more side note, I like to switch up facial treatments so as not to use the same thing too many days in a row which I’ve found to be irritating for my skin.)


  2. Can we use this cleaner after spending a day outside in pollution? Does it effectively remove all the traces of light make up, oil and other impurities from the skin?

    1. I do know that this scrub is very effective at removing excess oil without drying out your skin, but I don’t know if it’s effective against pollution/impurities or makeup. Some people use the oil cleansing method to get rid of makeup and clean their skin, I don’t know how well that works because I don’t wear makeup, but I do love how clean and balanced my skin is with the oil cleansing method. I’ll include the link so that you can read about the Oil Cleansing Method, and I hope this helps.

  3. I’m a 28 years old guy and i use oat meal face pack everyday with cucumber and tomatoe. Is that okay to use it everyday? Does it have any adverse effects…?

    1. I have no idea if it’s ok to use everyday, but I’ve never heard of any adverse side effects from oatmeal because it’s so mild. I’m sorry I don’t have an exact answer for you, but with everyone’s skin being so different, there’s no way for me to say how it will affect you. Just from my personal experience I like to mix up the different treatments I use on my face because they all seem to have different benefits. My personal favorites are the Pineapple Facial and the Oil Cleansing Method, (both are on the blog). The Oil Cleansing Method is the only treatment I’ve use day after day on my skin, but my skin is sensitive and oil cleansing seems to be the best treatment for it.

    1. It will easily last for 1 month or longer if your oatmeal was fresh to begin with. After a few months on the shelf at room temperature, grains can start to turn rancid, so I always try to use mine up within a month or so.

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