Cranberry Candle Holders

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Cranberry Candle Holders | Get Inspired Everyday!

Cranberry filler beads are such a great decorating idea. They add beautiful red color without the expense of flowers or centerpieces that require watering everyday, and I love the simple look of red and ivory in this candle holder. I found the idea on Pinterest, but the original source is Pottery Barn (of course, their stuff is so great)!

Cranberry Candle Holders | Get Inspired Everyday!

I’ve change my version a little because I can’t find the filler beads here, and Pottery Barn is currently out of stock. My cranberry beads came already strung, so I just cut the wire and pulled the beads off. I picked a couple of clear glass containers, filled them with beads, and then I placed the flameless candles in each container.

Speaking of flameless candles, aren’t they great? I still use real candles as well, but the flameless ones really add to the ambiance without incurring so much hassle and mess. For instance at a dinner party, I like to have real candles on the table and the flameless ones around the room to add to the candlelight effect. Look for the ones with a remote for this project, because turning them on all at once with a remote is much easier than having to take them out individually and then having to fix the cranberries again.

You could use fresh cranberries in a pinch if you can’t find beads. Fresh cranberries, (not frozen) will last a couple of days at room temperature, so you could fill your candle holders for a holiday dinner. Another good option if beads aren’t available is the red glass filler that’s shaped like diamonds. They refract the light from the candles well and give you the red and ivory effect.

What you need:

  • Cranberry Beads or red glass filler of any shape.
  • Clear glass containers – candle holders or serving dishes (I used a trifle bowl and a clear glass vase).
  • Flameless candles to fit your choice of container, preferably with a remote for ease of use.

Arrange your candles and cranberries according to your container. I used 3 votives and 1 pint of cranberry beads in my trifle bowl – 1 pint of beads and 1 votive in my glass vase.

Cranberry Candle Holders | Get Inspired Everyday!
Cranberry Candle Holders | Get Inspired Everyday!

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