Honey Facial Massage

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Honey Facial Massage | Get Inspired Everyday!

This Honey Massage Facial Mask has been a go-to beauty treatment for me for years. It’s just one simple ingredient, but there are so many benefits. It’s a case of the sum being more than the parts.

Honey is a humectant, which means that it draws water to itself, helping to keep your skin moisturized. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral making it an ideal face treatment. In addition, it’s anti-inflammatory so it can be used as a spot treatment as well as a mask.

Honey is also suitable for all skin types. Most importantly for myself, it’s simple and very effective. My skin is always softer and more even toned after I use this treatment. We have a great local honey that I love to use in my desserts and beauty products. Try to seek out raw honey because it’s so flavorful for cooking, and as a beauty treatment there are more benefits in a purer product.

Honey Facial Massage | Get Inspired Everyday!

What to do:

Take about a tablespoon of honey and apply it to your clean face. Start by dabbing some on your forehead and both cheeks. Slowly begin to massage it into your skin, taking care around the eye area. I like to massage my face for a couple of minutes to get the circulation going, and then let the mask sit. Let the mask set for a minimum of 5 minutes before washing it off.  I usually let mine sit for 15-20 minutes for extra benefits.

Honey Facial Massage | Get Inspired Everyday!

Tip: my favorite trick to fit a facial into my week, is to apply a mask and then throw in a load of laundry and catch up on dishes. That way, the mask has time to sit and I can still get things done. I prefer to have my relaxing time doing something I want to do instead of letting a mask dry. I like the concept of spa-type relaxation, but I think I would need to be in a spa for that to work.

Honey Facial Massage | Get Inspired Everyday!

For more info about using honey in your cooking, you can check out my post about honey as a natural sweetener.

And for some recipe inspiration using honey, I’ve listed out a few of my favorites below:

  1. Honey Mustard Chicken Apple Skillet Dinner
  2. Honey Sriracha Shrimp Sushi Bowls
  3. Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggie Sheet Pan Stir Fry
  4. Vanilla Bean Glazed Honey Cake Doughnuts
  5. Cajun Honey Glazed Salmon

Honey Facial Massage | Get Inspired Everyday!

What’s your favorite use for honey?

6 thoughts on “Honey Facial Massage”

    • I personally like to use this Honey Facial Massage 1-3 times a week and mix it up with other facial treatments. It doesn’t work as a facial cream though, it’s more of a face mask than a moisturizer. I hope this helps, and be sure to let me know if you have any other questions!

  1. It didn’t realize the massage your face could get circulation going. I have really bad skin, so I’ve been trying all types of facials to help clear it up. I’ll definitely keep honey in mind that next time I give myself a facial.


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