Fresh Mango Salsa (5-Ingredients)

Finished Mango Salsa in a black bowl with a black spoon with lime wedges and cilantro around it.

This Fresh Mango Salsa is just 5 ingredients, and all sweet-spicy flavor. It’s perfect served with salmon or chicken, and it makes the most incredible fish tacos. It’s super easy to make, and a great way to add so much flavor to your dinner. Try serving it alongside your favorite taco bowls, burrito bowls, or quesadillas. Mango Salsa also keeps well for a few days in the fridge which is another bonus!

Mango Salsa in a black bowl with cilantro and lime wedges around it.

Mango salsa is my favorite fruit salsa because it makes everything it touches so good! That sweetness combined with the savory flavors and touch of spicy from the jalapeno is an unbeatable combination. You’ll always find me looking for ripe mangos when I’m grocery shopping because I will change up our entire menu to fit in some mango salsa!

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Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

A Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl in a black bowl with corn, guacamole, and salsa in small bowls around it.

These Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowls are a homemade version of the classic restaurant favorite from Chipotle. They’re easy to meal prep as well so you can enjoy burrito bowls all week long. They taste even better than Chipotle’s burrito bowls, and they’re chock full of healthy veggies and fresh ingredients.

A Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl with small bowls of Pico de Gallo and Guacamole around it.

We’re bringing together all my latest Mexican inspired recipes with this restaurant inspired burrito bowl. Whether you just love Chipotle and want to make it at home, or you’re like us and don’t even have a Chipotle near you, these recipes are for you! In all seriousness, the closest Chipotle restaurant to us is about 3 hours away. So it’s only natural to make a version for at home that we can enjoy all the time.

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20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo | Get Inspired Everyday!

These 20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo are perfect for everything from breakfast to easy dinner options. There’s also some fun snacks, desserts, and some kombucha mocktails thrown in as well! And of course there’s all the salsa and guacamole recipes you could need to have the tastiest holiday.

Healthy Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas with lime wedges and cilantro around it.
Healthy Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas

It’s no exaggeration to say I think about food day and night. Really… I go to bed thinking about food, and I wake up excited about what I’m going to eat. So it’s only natural that I look at any holiday as an excuse to eat yummy things!

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Cilantro Lime Rice (Chipotle Copycat)

A black bowl filled with Cilantro Lime Rice with lime wedges and cilantro around it.

This Cilantro Lime Rice is a Chipotle Copycat that tastes far and above better than the restaurant version! It’s simple to make at home and perfect paired with any Mexican inspired meal. We love using it in both taco bowls and burrito bowls.

A black bowl filled with Cilantro Lime Rice with lime wedges and cilantro on top.

This rice is the perfect flavor packed base to make just about any taco bowl or burrito bowl of your dreams. In all seriousness though, we love using either sweet potatoes or steamed rice for a base to build any kind of Mexican inspired bowl, (find all my recipes linked below).

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Pico de Gallo Recipe (Authentic & Easy)

A white bowl filled with Pico de Gallo with corn chips and cilantro around it.

Pico de Gallo is a simple fresh salsa that’s easy to make and keeps for days in the fridge as well! You’ll find yourself making it for everything from a ‘chips and salsa snack’ to any Mexican inspired meal. A good Pico de Gallo is all about simple, fresh ingredients, and I’ve included all my tips for success below.

A white bowl of Pico de Gallo on a wooden cutting board with chips around it.

It’s hard to believe that with over 600 recipes and counting, I don’t have a recipe for Pico de Gallo yet! You’ll find it as an add-on of sorts in my Mexican recipes like my Chipotle Shrimp Tacos. But it’s way past time I shared with you my specific recipe for a good pico along with all my tips!

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