How I Meal Prep in the Fall

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We’re back with more seasonal meal prep inspiration with how I meal prep in the fall!

How I Meal Prep in the Fall | Get Inspired Everyday!

Today is the final season in the seasonal meal-prepping series I started last year. I’ve included all my current favorite recipes below, as well as things I’ll be cooking in weeks to come. So I hope you’ll find some inspiration, and be sure and leave me a comment letting me know what types of meal prepping you’d like to see more of!

First up the number one thing I like to prep when fall hits is roasted veggies. Root veggies and hard squashes quickly take over the market starting in late September, and they’re seasonal straight through winter. I like to make all sorts of mixed roasted veggies varying with what I have on hand.

Then with my roasted veggies, I make all sorts of easy meals, which are made so much quicker with some of the prep work already done. The two things I find myself making over and over again are Thai curries and soups. When you already have the veggies chopped and roasted, it makes both of these much easier.

Meal prep in glass containers, egg bake, muffins, and Zuppa Toscana.

Fall Meal Prep Breakdown:

  1. From the top left you see my ham and cheese egg muffins, but I made them into a frittata instead, (8 eggs for 1-9″ skillet). Having any kind of egg muffin or frittata made for grab-and-go breakfasts is a go-to for us year-round with different flavors from week to week.
  2. The top right is my Grain Free Cranberry Orange Muffins. I love having muffins pre-made and in the freezer for quick weekend breakfasts, or to pack as a snack for Tyler’s lunches.
  3. Next down clockwise is roasted veggies: this version is butternut, sweet potato, and red onion roasted with a touch of olive oil and sea salt at 450ºF until caramelized and tender.
  4. Then Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Energy Bites are next in line. These have been on repeat since late summer and they’ve been the perfect snack for everything from weekdays to weekend adventures.
  5. And finally, there’s my Healthy Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana pictured which is a favorite of ours for cold-weather lunches. I just reheat mine on the stovetop. But for Tyler’s lunch, I pre-heat a thermos, reheat the soup, and pour it in boiling hot. Then at lunchtime, he has something warm to eat when it’s cold out!

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How I Meal Prep in the Fall | Get Inspired Everyday!

More Meal Prepping Snack Recipe Inspiration:

How I Meal Prep in the Fall | Get Inspired Everyday!

Fall Meal Prepping Recipe Inspiration:

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