DIY Glitter Shoes

DIY Glitter Shoes | Get Inspired Everyday!

I first saw this idea on the blog Once Over Lightly, and I pinned a photo for later, (Pinterest is so handy for that). I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for anything that glitters. I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but whenever I do something as fluffy as spending a couple of hours glittering my shoes, I feel the need to put on my sweatpants and rebel a little.

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Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken | Get Inspired Everyday!

So…, here’s the thing, I promised to make Butter Chicken for Tyler’s birthday and somehow it’s taken me over three months to get around to it. If I waited too much longer, I’d have to make it for the next birthday. It’s embarrassing how long it takes me to get the simplest of things done. I would say though, this Butter Chicken is definitely worth waiting for.

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April Showers

April Showers | Get Inspired Everyday!

April showers indeed, April snow showers! This is the beautiful scenery that I woke up to this weekend. All the bright green grass was turned to white. The sun was peeking out again but it was sure cold. It’s a good thing that I’m making Butter Chicken, our favorite Indian dish. I think we’ll stay inside and eat our warm, richly spiced chicken, enveloped in a creamy tomato sauce with rice and cucumbers on the side, (recipe to come).

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Vegetable Noodles

Vegetable Noodles | Get Inspired Everyday!

Today we are making Vegetable Noodles. It’s more of a how-to than a recipe, but you will find a printable recipe option at the bottom of the page. I first made vegetable noodles about a week ago, and I was surprised by how easy it was. I had seen the concept before but never tried it. I thought that it looked like a time-consuming task. I mean, who has time to be making vegetable strands when it is already 7:00p.m. and dinner isn’t even started? The answer is … me! I timed myself, and it took only 6 minutes to turn 2 pounds of zucchini into ‘pasta strands’.

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Crater Lake and Garfield Peak Trail

Crater Lake and Garfield Peak Trail | Get Inspired Everyday!

Let me start by telling you that the color of Crater Lake is even more mesmerizing when you are there. We still can’t get over the color,  neither one of us has ever seen anything like it before. We first arrived at the rim of the crater at 2 a.m. and there was a stunning reflection of the moon glittering across the surface of the lake. Unfortunately, I didn’t have good enough camera equipment to capture it. The photos turned out totally black with the moon glowing in the sky.

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