30 Recipes to make for June

Today I have some of my favorites put together in these 30 Recipes to make for June. These recipes make the best of greens, asparagus, and berries along with a few other ingredients that are in season right now.

30 Recipes to make for June | Get Inspired Everyday!
Grilled Romaine with Strawberries and Fennel Vinaigrette

I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a while because I hope it will provide some seasonal inspiration. So I hope you’ll let me know below if you’d like to see something like this again in July.

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Pineapple Mojito Lip Balm

This Pineapple Mojito Lip Balm is all kinds of fruity fun, and it also makes a fantastic gift for any hostess, baby or bridal shower!

Pineapple Mojito Lip Balm | Get Inspired Everyday!

The secret ingredient to the fruity goodness of this lip balm is freeze dried fruit. I started using it in lip balms back with this Strawberry Vanilla Lip Balm. And ever since, it’s hard not to just create fruit based lip balms now!

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Triple Berry Spinach Salad

This Triple Berry Spinach Salad is perfect for the height of berry season. It can be made with any combination, or single berry of your choice. It’s packed with flavor and veggies, and it’s super easy to make as well.

Triple Berry Spinach Salad | Get Inspired Everyday!

One of my favorite parts about the beginning of summer is when our local Farmer’s Market floods with all kinds of berries. I usually get carried away buying everything in sight. And that’s exactly how we started making this Triple Berry Salad!

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Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad

I dreamed up this Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad for my husband who is a huge fan of hot wings! It has all the same elements of flavor packed into a filling dinner salad.

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad | Get Inspired Everyday!

If ever there was a salad to be day dreaming about… this would be it! Envision crispy chicken cutlets topped with buffalo sauce, all over a chopped salad with extra creamy ranch dressing. It doesn’t take long thinking about it before you know it’s going on the menu straight away!

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Healthier Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon

This Healthier Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon is made completely without sugar, but still retains that essential ‘teriyaki’ flavor!

Healthier Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon | Get Inspired Everyday!

I’ve been on a bit of a kick trying to make ‘healthier’ versions of my favorite recipes. Teriyaki sauce has always been a go-to in our house, but I’ve moved away from it over the years because it has so much sugar in it.

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